Our Commitment To You


Our Commitment To You

Eastwest is dedicated to building exceptional homes, providing utmost flexibility, and delivering the highest level of customer service. Our commitment to each and every homebuyer will always be:


  • We believe the key to feeling happy and satisfied in your new home is in exceptional communication. This is why we provide you with an experienced Customer Liaison Manager to guide you through every stage of the building process.
  • Our pricing and inclusion sets are competitive, clear, and simple to compare.
  • We won’t lock you into buying upgrade packages, simply add or remove inclusions and features as you wish.
  • We will provide you with a precise, fixed site cost based on engineering and soil reports specific to your land. Meaning no inaccurate site cost averages and no hidden costs.


  • We welcome changes to our floor plans and are committed to building your dream home, which is why we’ve never built two home designs exactly the same.
  • We offer an inclusive design service, so you can feel confident that at preconstruction every measure will be taken to ensure your chosen design will be tailored to most effectively complement your block.
  • We treat each and every customer as a unique individual with regard to personal needs and requirements and strive to satisfy as many of those needs as possible within the constraints of our organisation.


  • We ensure consistent, friendly, and transparent communication at every stage of the building process.
  • Our Owner and Director, Peter Healy has been building homes in Melbourne’s South East since 1995. This knowledge and passion is reflected in every member of our team.
  • Our post-handover support is second to none; if there’s a problem, we will fix it!
  • We are a multiple HIA Award winning builder for a reason; the quality you observe in our display homes will be delivered in your new home.